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Our story starts in 1982...

Societá San Francesco Di Paola was founded by Joe Bruno and Rev. Roberto Simionato in 1982. With the support and dedication of numerous Calabrian immigrants, the Societá has honored San Francesco in true Calabrese tradition. The Festa Della Famiglia is the San Francesco feast that has taken place for generations. This celebration is the pinnacle event attended by the Italian community of the Midwest.

Our Mission

The mission of Societá San Francesco di Paola is to honor our patron saint and promote charity. Each year all proceeds from the feast are donated to various charitable and non-profit organizations as well as a scholarship for the Scalabrini Order for Priests in memory of Rev. Simionato.

Calabresi in America

The Calabresi in America Foundation was founded to serve as a social and cultural organization for Italian Americans of Calabrese decent. Their mission is to preserve and promote the heritage, traditions, culture and language of Calabria. Since their values reflect those of Societá San Francesco di Paola, a strong bond exists between the organizations to ensure the continuation of our Calabrese traditions.

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